Courses and Course Registration

Course Selection

Please choose at least 50 percent of your courses from the course catalog of the School of Humanities. If you would like to attend courses offered by other schools as well, you may choose up to 50 percent of your courses from the list of the university wide electives.

There is also the possibility to take German language courses, either through joining the summer or winter academy in the month before the semester starts or by taking a German language course during the semester. If you are interested in taking a German language course, please follow this link. These courses are managed and offered by the International Office alone. In case you have any further questions, please contact the colleagues at the International Office, since our school does not manage the registration for German language courses.

Apart from the above courses you cannot choose any courses offered by other schools and departments!

How many courses you take is up to you or your home university. If your home university does not require you to take a minimum number of courses the rule of thumb is “no more than 30 ECTS”.


Course Registration

You will need to register for your courses during the registration period (about three weeks before the lecture period begins).

Please use the course registration form which we will send to you via email in order to choose your courses. Please fill in your name, home university, major, and e-mail address, and list all courses from the School of Humanities which you would like to take. Do not forget to select the according department responsible for the courses you choose via the drop down section. Please refer to our course catalog to see which courses are available for you (see "Course Selection" above). You can prioritize your course selection, meaning that you list the courses that are most interesting to you first. This will enhance the chance that you will be accepted in the respective course.

Please note that admission to a course is always subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. You need to choose at least six courses (listed in the order of your priorities) to ensure that you will get a full work-load for your semester, as some of the courses might exceed the maximum number of participants and not everyone will be admitted.

Save the course registration form as .xlsx or .xls file and send it to once the registration period has started.