School of Humanities

Our Mannheim School of Humanities engages in research and education where culture, society and economy converge. We pursue an interdisciplinary, international and intercultural perspective. We aspire to shape our students into independent, self-aware and creative professionals who can think outside the box. We prepare them for future careers and responsibilities in the fields of education, research, business, culture, media and politics.

Our school offers research and education at the highest level in the fields of language, literature, media and communication, history and philosophy. We draw on the excellent resources of the university library and cooperate closely with the Institute for the German Language (IDS), the Mannheim Centre for Empirical Multilingualism Research (MAZEM gGmbH) and our outstanding partner universities around the world.

With 26 full professorships, two junior professorships, approximately 100 research and teaching associates and more than 2800 students, the Mannheim School of Humanities is the university's second largest school. We offer interdisciplinary bachelor's, master's and teacher education programs. Our bachelor's and master's program Culture and Economy provides a unique combination of a humanities and business degree. Each year, approximately 1000 new students enroll at our school.


The School of Humanities incorporates all liberal arts programs offered at the University of Mannheim in one joint school. Here you can find the links to the respective department homepages.