Summer School 2014

Language, Culture and Education in a Globalized World

August 1, 2014 was the day we all had been waiting for so eagerly. The second Summer School was about to start! After the international professors and students had arrived safely in Mannheim, we met for the first time later that day for the Welcome Event. Speeches were held by Ina-Lotte Dühring and Ana-Sofia Commichau (the coordinators of the Summer School), Prof. Dr. Rosemary Tracy (Vice Dean of International Affairs at the School of Humanities) and Melis Sekmen (representing the city of Mannheim) and then everybody had the chance to meet the people they were bound to spend the next couple of weeks with.

A couple of days later, everybody had settled in Mannheim and the academic part of the Summer School started. The students had been able to choose between five classes with a wide array of topics. Scott Henderson’s class examined “Popular Culture and Society” while Barbara Schmenk’s dealt with the topic of “Language and Gender”, and Glenn Levine addressed “Ecological Approaches to Language Curriculum”. There even was a class held in Spanish, Armin Schwegler’s “El Español en Contacto con Otras Lenguas del Mundo” (Spanish in contact with other languages worldwide). This offer of courses by international guest professors was rounded out by our local Mannheim lecturer, Maurus Roller, whose class negotiated “Cultural Plurality in Contemporary Literature and Film”.

To divert students and professors alike from their schedules, they were invited to join in on the leisure activities. Trips to Heidelberg and the Palatine wine region showed our guests the beautiful surroundings of Mannheim; and barbecues and picnics allowed all of the participants to come together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Three weeks were spent like this, in a mix of classes and free-time activities. However, every academic term ends in exams and the Summer School was no different. After the short exam period was over, we came together for a last time to celebrate the end of the program with a Farewell Barbecue. Laughter and dancing were seen and heard all around and everybody had a good time, although the goodbyes were tough for some.

We are very happy to report that the feedback we received from both students and professors was exceedingly positive.  Again, thank you very much for being a part of the Summer School 2014!

Here you can find some impressions of the Summer School 2014.