Nadja Bertaloth, local participant:  I liked my course, very much. It was not structured like a typical lecture - it rather felt like a familiar round of talks and we could concentrate on the topic most intensively, which would not be possible in a regular semester course.‘

Laura Sibony, participant from France: ‘The Mannheim Summer School is the perfect conciliation: it offers what you need of lectures to keep your mind busy and curious, and enough spare time to discover the city and its surroundings. I would definitely recommend it for the quality of the teachers and the lectures, the impressive organization, the openness of my German fellow students and the Schwarzwaldertorte Eis served in the Quadrat!’

Anne-Kathrin Küttel, local participant: ‚I made new friends and could participate in a course in my semester break, instead of taking part in it during my busy semester period. A guest lecture offered by a US professor also offered new perspectives on a foreign culture.’

Ignas Gutauskas, participant from Lithuania: "I experienced expert-like teaching that was extremely enriching, met people that I miss spending time with now, and got a chance to find out what the students' life in the city of Mannheim is like. This may sound very commonplace, but the experience I had is invaluable, unforgettable and very nostalgic."

Christiana Stern, local participant: "I chose the course 'Non- Fiction Writing and Social Justice Issues'. To tell the truth, we couldn't imagine what to espect. I remeber our last lesson when Michael Patrick MacDonald asked us to say a single word to summarize our experience in his course. "Wow, amazing, fun, interesting, voice, special, inspiring", are only a few of the many positive attributes. For me, it was an unforgettable experience which encouraged me to further pursue writing, maybe even professionally. And the very best aspect I want to mention is the fact that, to make this experience, I usually would have had to study a semester abroad in Boston where Mr. MacDonald is teaching. Tuition fees in the United States: horrendous. Registration fees for the Summer School: hardly anything. Benefit for life: priceless. And you are still hesistating?!"

Laura Hock, local participant: 'The course "Current Challenges: Multilingualism& Cultural Diversity" was taught by a Canadian professor and I worked with local and international students from France, Lithuania and Malaysia- a great way to approach this topic. Furthermore, I gained many new impressions and made new friends.'