How can I apply for the Summer School?
Please apply via the online registration form and follow the indicated steps you can find in our registration.

Who can apply for the Summer School?
The Summer School is open to all undergraduate students enrolled at Mannheim University or one of its partner institutions.

Which language skills are required? Do I have to know German?
As all courses are taught in English, German skills are not required. Participants should have a very good command of English (B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Why is the participation fee of this Summer School lower than the cost of other programs?
This Summer School currently in the very fortunate position to receive generous funding by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We are therefore able to offer high quality education at a competitive participation fee for students.

Will I receive ECTS credits?
Yes. You can earn up to 6 ECTS credits upon successful completion of each course, depending on the respective assignments. The results will appear on a transcript of records which will be sent to you along with your certificate of participation.

Why do I get an additional certificate?

The certificate provides evidence of your participation in this Summer School and thus of an intercultural experience. Many employer value intercultural experience and competence highly, which is why we recommend you enclose the certificate with future applications.

What happens if I am on the waiting list?
If there are no more vacancies in the courses you applied for, we will enter your data in a waiting list. The order on the waiting list corresponds to the date and time of receipt of your registration form. In case somebody cancels his or her registration, we will contact the next applicant on the waiting list with the same course preferences and will offer him or her the respective slot(s).

What are the next steps after my registration for the Summer School?
After the online registration, you will receive a confirmation of receipt via e-mail. Once the registration period is over, we will then assign class slots and send you an e-mail with the classes we were able to reserve for you and information on the payment procedure. Your reservation will be valid for 14 days. If you do not want to hold your reservation because you cannot take part in the summer school, please inform us by email so that we can allocate your place(s) to another participant! If you want to register, please transfer the registration fee as soon as possible after receipt of your class assignments. Please note that you will only be officially registered for our summer school and for the combination of courses we offered you, if you transfer the payment in due time! If we do not receive your payment within the reservation period of two weeks, your reservation will expire.

What happens if I want to step back from my place?

You can step back from your place whenever you want or have to. However, please note that the registration fee and the rent for your accommodation in the student dormitories (if applicable) cannot be reimbursed.

Does the Summer School offer accommodation?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your accommodation. However, we will be glad to help you find a student dorm, shared appartement etc. and provide you with all the necessary information; please write us an email if you need assistance. We will be able to share information concerning available rooms at the end of April. Until then, you can keep a look-out for offers on our Facebook page or the University of Mannheim Facebook group.

Do I need a visa and a passport?
Citizens from the European Union and several countries holding an agreement with Germany (e.g. USA) can enter Germany with their passport (no prior visa appliction necessary). Citizens from other countries need to check if a visa is required and what the necessary procedure is. Please consult the website of the German Department of Foreign Affairs or of the German Embassy in your home country/country of residence. Please be aware that you are responsible for making the necessary arrangements to enter Germany/the EU legally and bear in mind that the process can take up to two months. If necessary, we will be happy to provide you with an official letter of invitation.

What can I do in my spare time?
In addition to the regular course program, we will offer a range of optional leisure activities. If you want to be active, you can use the University gym (for a small fee) or take part in one of the many activities offered by the Institute of Sports (free of charge). Please contact us for details. Furthermore, we will provide you with information about things to do in Mannheim and the surrounding area.

Does the Summer School offer insurance for participants?
No. Course fees do not include insurance cover and the organizer cannot offer any insurances. All participants are responsible for medical insurance, accident insurance and third party liability insurance themselves. Course participants will be held responsible for any damage culpably caused by him/her, especially for any damage caused in the arranged accommodation.

Do I have access to the internet?
Yes. You will have WiFi access on campus.

What is the voltage in Germany?
The voltage in Germany is 220V. If you want to use electric devices like hair-dryers, chargers etc. which operate with 110V, please make sure you bring along a converter or, if possible, switch the device to 220V.