Please note that we can only accept applications from enrolled students who are either registered at the School of Humanities at the University of Mannheim or at one of our selected partner institutions. Courses are designed for undergraduate level but, if interested, graduate students may apply as well.

The number of interested students will probably exceed the number of places. This is why the places will be allocated according to the date of receipt of the registration forms and also according to the course choice. Just register as soon as possible and take your chance!

To register for this Summer School, please take the following steps in the order specified below:

Step 1

Choice of Courses
Please note that you have to choose the courses you want to attend at the Summer School already at the time of registration. Please indicate in the registration how many courses you want to take (one or two courses) and fill in the list of courses, according to your preferences. The maximum number of participants for each course is 25. Thus, we might not be able to allocate the courses according to your first and/or second choice.
Please enter as many courses as possible (at least three) to increase the chances of being admitted. However, please only fill in courses you really want to attend. You might be assigned any combination of courses you entered. The places will be allocated according to the date of registration and also according to the demand for the individual courses and the respective vacancies.  
The maximum number of courses to take is two (see our course descriptions). Please note that the information stated in the registration form is binding. You can only change courses at a later time if there are still vacancies available.

Step 2

Register online until April 7, 2019! You will receive a default confirmation e-mail within two hours. If you do not receive this e-mail (remember to check your junk folder as well), please contact us at

Please note that there have unfortunately been some technical glitches in our online registration form. If you have already registered with us and have not heard from us, please reach out!

Step 3

Payment of Registration Fees

April 2019

After the end of the application deadline, we will send you a second email and tell you if we could reserve one or several places for you. If we could do so, we will also tell you for which courses you have a reservation. The reservation will be valid for 14 days. If you do not want to hold your reservation, please inform us immediately.
If you want to register, please transfer the registration fee within the following ten days on receipt of our second email to the following account.
Please make sure to fill in the reference in the respective field of the transfer form, as mentioned below. Please type in the exact wording and do not change or add anything in this field.
Please ask your bank if the transfer will be subjected to any charges. If this is the case, we have to ask you to transfer the amount of your Summer School fees PLUS the amount of the additional charges.

Banking Account:

Universität Mannheim

LBBW (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg)

IBAN: DE13 6005 0101 7496 5010 68


USt-ID-Nr.: DE 143845342



PSP 2500100901 Fonds 1030

Name, First Name

Summer School Phil. Fak.

Please note that you will only be officially registered for our summer school and for the combination of courses you were offered if you transfer the payment in due time.
If we do not receive your payment within the given period, your reservation will expire. The respective places will then be allocated to an applicant on our waiting list.

Waiting List

If there are no more vacancies in the courses you applied for, we will consider you in a waiting list. The order on the waiting list corresponds to the date and time of receipt of your registration form. In case somebody cancels his or her registration, we will contact the next applicant on the waiting list with the same course preferences and offer him oder her the respective place(s).
In case you are no longer interested in our summer school at a certain time, please inform us as soon as possible, so that we can delete your data from the waiting list!