Terms and Conditions

Binding Registration

All written registration, including online registration is binding and entails payment of the registration fee. Confirmation of registration or issuing of a certificate of registration is only made upon receipt of the payment in due form and time. The decisive factor is the receipt of payment to organizer's account. Only then you are officially and bindingly registered for the respective courses.


Payment Date

All services booked must be paid in full in advance. Please transfer the registration fee for your Summer School seminar within the determined period of 10 days upon receipt of the email that states the reservation we made for you. In this email, we will inform you about the costs, the combination of courses we can offer you and the deadline for your payment.


Method of Payment and Charges

Payment is only accepted by bank transfer. Bank charges for payment to our account, payment by cheque, bank transfer etc. will be paid by the course participant.


You can cancel your registration at any time. However, please note that the registration for this summer school is binding. Whatever the reason might be, the fees cannot be reimbursed. This also applies for the payment for your accommodation, which also implies a binding reservation.

Insurance and Liability

Course fees do not include insurance cover. All participants are responsible for medical insurance, accident insurance and third party liability insurance cover, if no such insurance was specifically agreed upon with the organizer. Course participants will be held responsible for any damage culpably caused by him/her, especially for any damage caused in the arranged accommodation.


Inability of a Course Participant to Attend

If a course participant cannot attend a course either completely or in part, because of personal reasons (e.g. illness, problems of residency or personal obligations), he/she does not have any claim to a refund of the fees and the rent payment or participation in another course at a later time.


Cancellation of a Course by the Organizer

The organizer may cancel a booked course even on the first day of the course. In this case, the organizer will try to find and offer a suitable replacement course. Please note, that in this case, no claim can be made for the reimbursement of reservation costs for travel tickets or similar. We recommend taking out a travel cancellation insurance.