Further Subject of the Master’s Program in Teacher Education

Two subjects are not enough? The further subject of the master’s program in Teacher Education allows you to study a third subject – in addition to the two subjects that you are studying in the bachelor’s and master’s programs in Teacher Education. You will study subject-specific courses as well as Teaching Methodology in the third subject, both are divided into an introductory and an advanced module. You can already begin to study the further subject of the master’s program in Teacher Education while you are still studying the bachelor's program. 

At a glance

Subject-specific courses 

Introductory and advanced modules

90 ECTS credits

Teaching Methodology 

Introductory and advanced modules

15 ECTS credits
Master's thesis15 ECTS credits
 120 ECTS credits

All relevant information

    ...on the framework of your program

  • Examination regulations

    The examination regulations are the most important document regarding your program. They list your rights and obligations as a student and constitute the legal basis of your studies. Therefore, it is crucial that you have read them and refer to them in case of questions.
    Examination regulations

    The framework conditions for teacher education programs in Baden-Württemberg are regulated by the framework directive for teacher education programs (Rahmenvorgabenverordnung Lehramtsstudiengänge, RahmenVO-KM) of the Ministry of Education. 

  • Program handbook

    I would like to study a further subject – how does it all work? What is the difference between the introductory module and the advanced module? When do I take my courses? You will find answers to these and many more questions regarding your program in the program handbook. 

    Program handbook for the further subject of the master’s program in Teacher Education

  • Introductory and advanced modules

    The further subject of the master’s program in Teacher Education is divided into introductory modules and advanced modules as regards subject-specific courses and Teaching Methodology. First, you need to take the courses of the respective introductory module. 

    You can start taking courses of the advanced module as soon as you have 

    1. proven that you have obtained your bachelor’s degree, 
    2. proven proficiency of all required languages (admission requirements), 
    3. passed all examinations of the introductory module (subject-specific courses and Teaching Methodology). 

    You need to start with the advanced module in your 10th semester at the latest. This means that you need to register for your first exam in the advanced module in the 10th semester at the latest.

  • Proof of language proficiency

    For most subjects you have to prove language skills as a prerequisite for your studies. But don't worry: You can also acquire the necessary proofs of language proficiency during your studies. Our information sheet provides you with detailed information on the deadlines you have to observe and any other useful information about proofs of language proficiency.
    Information sheet on proofs of language proficiency​​​​​​​

    If you have to acquire the necessary language skills, proof of this is usually furnished by means of the language certificate issued by Studium Generale (please see the information sheet for further information). Please use the language certificate form below.
    Language certificate form

  • Master's thesis

    You will write your master's thesis in your subject. The preparation period is three months (12 weeks). Normally, you write your thesis while studying your further subject in the last semester. For more information on the master's thesis please refer to the program handbook. 

Teacher Education International

Studying abroad always helps you grow personally and professionally. And there is no better place to learn a foreign language than the country where the language is spoken. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

After completing the further subject of the master’s program in Teacher Education... can teach a third subject at secondary and vocational schools.  However, please note that the further subject will not qualify you for the preparatory service. To start your preparatory service, you need to successfully complete the master’s program in Teacher Education with your two other subjects. For more information on the preparatory service, please refer to the website of the Center for Teacher Education and Educational Innovation.

For Prospective Students

You would like to study a third subject? Read more about the further subject of the master’s program in Teacher Education at the University of Mannheim.

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