Sub-department Prof. Keppler

Prof. Angela Keppler’s research team focuses on the analysis of audiovisual media products and the everyday adoption of mobile communication technologies from a perspective combining media sociology, sociology of communication and cultural sociology. The processes of adoption are always understood as shaped by the interaction of media offerings and communicative negotiation processes.

Specific research interests include film and television analysis of the relationship between media and extra-media reality as well as changes in everyday conversations due to the increasing use of smartphones.

In media and communication studies, the sub-department teaches theoretical and methodological skills for the analysis of audiovisual products as well as for the investigation of current conversation cultures. The focus is on interpretative methods of empirical social research such as sociological film and television analysis, ethnomethodological conversation analysis and conversation analysis of digital communication (“digital CA”).

Professor Keppler has gone into retirement as of the end of the 2020 Winter Term. 

Dr.  Sarah Geber will be the interim Professor for the 2021 Winter Term.  Dr. Geber's Research and Contact information will soon be available on Team.


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