Sarah Lutz, M.A.

Sarah Lutz, M.A.

Academic Staff
University of Mannheim
Institute for Media and Communication Studies
B 6, 30–32 – Room 444
68159 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 181-3665
Fax: +49 621 181-3665
Consultation hour(s):
By appointment

Sarah Lutz is an academic staff member and doctoral student at the chair of Prof. Peter Vorderer. Prior to that, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in media and communication studies and a master’s degree in digital communication with the elective subject media psychology. Her main areas of research concern the exposure to and the effects of media content. In particular, she focuses on the phenomenon “permanently online, permanently connected” and investigates its effects in various situations of everyday life (e.g., f2f communication). Moreover, she examines the impact of ostracism in social media environments and of perceived pressure to be constantly available on users’ well-being. In addition, Ms. Lutz holds seminars for BA students that primarily focus on quantitative methods (e.g., experimental research designs). Furthermore, as an academic advisor, she answers questions regarding the content, the course and the perspectives of the BA program in media and communication studies.


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