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Japan: Waseda University

Partner university of May 2019

Studying in the largest metropolis of the world – our partner university of May is Waseda University in Tokyo

Tokyo is a fascinating megacity combining tradition and modernity as no other city does. Skyscrapers, several main roads one above the other, colorful billboards, hamburger vending machines and anime stores are located next to traditional temples, palaces and fairytale-like gardens.

Private Waseda University in Japan’s capital city is one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Many writers who are especially famous in Japan are graduates of Waseda University, which has a particularly good reputation for its literature department. Approximately 55,000 students study at Waseda University. 7,500 of these are international students, which makes the university the most important international academic partner in Japan. Waseda University developed from the Tokyo College established in 1882 by former samurai and later prime minister Okuma Shigenobu. In 1902, the institution gained the status of a university. Waseda University comprises nine campuses, most of which are located in the Shinjuku district. The language of instruction is English.

Students enrolled in any bachelor's or master’s program in History, Media and Communication Studies, Philosophy, English and American Studies, German Studies, and Romance Studies are eligible to participate in the exchange program.

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