Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto (UofT)

Spotlight: This is the University of Toronto – Gain useful insights, facts, and insider-information about our partner university in Toronto

The University of Toronto (UofT) is Canada's largest university. Only recently, we had the opportunity to experience the assets of our Canadian partner university firsthand. The UofT is attended by 90,000 students from all over the world. Its beautiful buildings and facilities as well as its excellent academic reputation make it particularly popular. In the 2014 Times Higher Education ranking of the best universities of the world the university even ranked 20th worldwide.

The university complex comprises three campuses in town, boasting beautiful parks and stunning buildings, among them Canada's Parliament – the House of Commons. The university was founded in 1827 by an Anglican bishop, but became a secular institution only 20 years later. In 1921, the hormone insulin was discovered at the University of Toronto.

The language of instruction is English. Early applicants have good chances of obtaining a room in a student residence hall. The UofT’s sports centers provide ample opportunities to stay fit and healthy, whether by making use of the swimming pool, the indoor track, or the ice rink. The university is also home to 1,355 student organizations that give students the opportunity to meet new people and involve in voluntary work.

With 2.6 million inhabitants, Toronto is Canada's biggest city. The metropolis has become a source of inspiration for a multitude of books and computer games and also served as the setting of countless movies and TV shows. Due to its significance in the world of entertainment, Canada and the city of Toronto, in particular, are also nicknamed “Hollywood North”. Furthermore, the city hosts numerous world-renowned music and film festivals, air and car shows as well as the worldwide biggest Gay Pride festival. The colorful metropolis is also home to a number of cultural institutions such as a shoe museum and a science museum, many art galleries, market halls, a botanical garden, and a unique 90 km walking path.

In terms of scenery, Toronto and its surroundings are hard to beat: Lake Ontario is located west of the city and can be easily reached from the university in a ten-minute ride on the subway. On Lake Ontario, you can visit the Toronto Islands, which boast gorgeous parklands, beaches, and even an amusement park. Furthermore, two rivers pass through Toronto: Humber River and Don River. 

The city itself has a great public transport system, which includes for instance the Scarborough Line. All the other major cities such as Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec, but also New York City and the Niagara Falls are easy to reach by bus, train or plane.

Toronto is subject to dramatic seasonal change: while the summer months are mild and warm, winters may get icy cold. Summer is the rainiest time of the year.

Bachelor’s and state examination students of English and American Studies, German Studies, History, Media and Communication Studies, and Philosophy are eligible to participate in the exchange program. Proof of language proficiency is required in the form of an IELTS (>6) or TOEFL test (>89 points).

The application deadline is 15 October!

More information about the University of Toronto can be found here.

The UofT is a fantastic university and one of the most renowned higher education institutions in the world. Its campus is located right in the heart of the city. Sometimes, you get the feeling of being at Hogwarts. The university’s facilities, numerous libraries, and three excellent sports centers combine into a great study environment. The university is a real way of life and its campus is like a small subculture within the city.

Student of Business Administration, fall semester 2014

I would recommend the UofT in a heartbeat. When I was on my way to campus in the morning, I had always with a big smile on my face.

Student of Business Administration, fall semester 2014

Most of the time, the weather in Toronto is genial. The late summer is particularly beautiful as temperatures are mild and the trees turn golden and colorful. It gets cold by mid-November, though. The changes in temperature are quite extreme then.

Student of Business Administration, fall semester 2014

Toronto is the most livable city I know. It deserves being called multicultural as nearly everybody has some sort of migrant background. What’s unusual about this is that all these heterogeneous groups form an incredibly harmonious and tolerant society. I really loved that.

Student of Business Administration, fall semester 2014