Academic Education

09/2014–08/2016University of Mannheim, Sprache und Kommunikation, Master of Arts. Master's Thesis: “Korpusbasierte Analyse interaktiver Einheiten: das Beispiel okay” (engl. “Corpus-based analysis of interaction signs: The example of okay”). Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Angelika Storrer.
09/2012–01/2013Student of linguistics at the Institut de management et de communication interculturels (ISIT) in Paris, France. Stay abroad as an Erasmus exchange student.
10/2010–07/2013TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences, Mehrsprachige Kommunikation, Bachelor of Arts. Bachelor's Thesis: “Zweisprachigkeit in deutsch-französischen Kindergärten” (engl. “Bilingualism in German-French kindergartens”).

Professional Development

Since 09/2016University of Mannheim, department of German Linguistics (Prof. Dr. Angelika Storrer): Researcher.
01/2016–01/2017Research assistant at the Institute for the German Language (IDS). Duties: Alignment of narrative interviews in EXMARaLDA (Partitur-Editor) for the research project “Australiendeutsch.”
08/2015–08/2016Research assistant at the University of Mannheim. Duties: Data collection for case studies, e.g. in corpora containing language phenomena of computer-mediated communication, editing of chat protocols in Oxygen (XML editor), classifying und tagging of interaction units.
01/2016–07/2016Research assistant at the Institute for the German Language (IDS). Duties: Maintenance of the project’s wiki, part-of-speech tagging in Praat for the research project “Elektronisches Wörterbuch. Ein Online-Informationsangebot zu Sprache und Dialekten der Russlanddeutschen.”
10/2015–11/2015Research assistant at the University of Mannheim. Duties: Transcription of narrative interviews for the research project “The Hamburg Corpus of non-Native Varieties of English.”