Habilitation project “Digitale Diskursanalysen zur Dynamik ökonomischer, historischer und politischer Wissensbestände”

Habilitation project (since 06/2014) by Eva Gredel supported by a scholarship of the Margarete-von-Wrangell-Habilitationprogram (2017–2022)

The Wikipedia is not only a controversially discussed reference book, which serves many in the everyday life for the first orientation, but also one of the most successful projects in the Web 2,0. This free encyclopedia is to be interpreted as social area, in which knowledge is linguistically negotiated by many participants. Media linguistically informed, the project asks about the media conditions that the underlying wiki software brings with it and which possibilities it opens up for the presentation of knowledge: Wikipedia as hypertext is characterised by features such as multimodality and non-linearity, interactivity, adaptivity and openness (Storrer 2012: 286 f.).

The central questions are which patterns of integration or combination of different media objects (text, image, audio and video files) can be reconstructed and which strategies for linking text parts by hyperlinks can be reconstructed. Based on the postulate of hypertext linguistics (Storrer 2008: 328), the program of hyperdiscourse linguistics will therefore be projected: Hyperdiscourse linguistics is understood as an area of discourse linguistics according to Foucault that deals with the application of discourse linguistic categories to hypertexts and furthermore discusses new methods and models that lead to an adequate discourse analytical description of media discourses in social networks.