Picture of the village: "Les Baux de Provence". There is a castle ruin to be seen.
There is a manuscript by Jakob Haas, dating to 1237. It is written in Latin and completely crossed out.
Picture of a Manuscript laid out on a table.

The Middle Ages

Chair of Medieval History

The Chair of Medieval History focuses on the history of Europe in the period between 500 and 1500. We work on questions concerning the cultural and economic history of the Middle Ages in an international comparative perspective. On these pages you will find information about our team and our main research areas. Thank you for your interest.

The chair is held by Prof. Dr. Annette Kehnel.
Prof. Dr. Annette Kehnel is Vice President for Student Affairs and Teaching  at the University of Mannheim.

Current News

picture of the University of Mannheim, with the Title of the seminar underneath.
New Research on Medieval Economic History

The Chair of Medieval History and the Junior Professorship of Medieval Economic History would like to invite you to the lectures of the research seminar “New Research on Medieval Economic History”. During the seminar, researchers from USA, UK, Spain and Germany will present their results and topics for discussion. For more information, please see the programme. We look forward to seeing you!

Picture of a Wheatfield.
Report on the Workshop: 'Close Ties? The Economic Impacts of “Feudal” Lordship in the Middle Ages', 11.12.-13.12.2023

On 11.12.23 – 13.12.23 the Junior Professorship for the Economic History of the Middle Ages at Mannheim and the Chair for Medieval History at Graz jointly organised the workshop ‘Close Ties? The Economic Impacts of 'Feudal' Lordship in the Middle Ages’. The event brought together researchers from across Europe and the United States to discuss how lordship impacted on economies and societies throughout Eurasia through a range of thought-provoking papers. We also enjoyed a museum trip to see the SCHUM Jewish heritage sites in Speyer. We look forward to future collaborations stemming from this event and welcome any inquiries from researchers interested in this topic! – Dr. Alex Spike Gibbs

A section of the here described article.
“We fear the return to darker times” – Interview with Annette Kehnel (Trends, 2023/11)

In the November issue of the Trends magazine, Dirk Vandenberghe interviews Annette Kehnel.

Annette Kehnel on the Boektopia Podcast (31.10.2023)

On the Podcast Annette Kehnel talks about the dutch release of her Book “Wir konnten auch anders” with Layla El-Dekmak.

There is a stylised city from the middle ages, with arrows pointing to certain locations within it. On these, you can read things such as: Crowdfunding, Recycling or sharing economy.
“We Could do things Differently. A brief history of sustainability” – now available in Dutch and Korean translation

Annette Kehnel's book “We Could do things Differently. A brief history of sustainability.” (dt. “Wir konnten auch anders. Eine kurze Geschichte der Nachhaltigkeit”) has now also been published in Dutch and Korean translation.

A section of the cover of Dr. Spike Gibbs new book. There is a man riding on a horse, dressed in blue, wearing a red hood as well as having a sword with him.
Blog post by Spike Gibbs: “Political Peasants? Local authority in late medieval and early modern England” (Cambridge University Press, 25.09.2023)

In the blog post, Spike Gibbs provides a wonderful insight into his book “Lordship, State Formation and Local Authority in Late Medieval and Early Modern England”, which deals, among other things, with the role of tenants in English local communities. In the text linked below, you can also find out what Gibbs' book has to do with the film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. We hope you enjoy reading it.


Consultation hours Spring Semester 2024

In the spring semester 2024, consultation hours with Prof. Kehnel take place on thursdays 10:15 -11:15 am in L7,7 – room 107 and by appointment.

Cancellation dates: 29.02., 21.03. as well as 16.05.
Please register in advance by e-mail with a keyword for your request in the secretary's office at

Opening hours of the secretary's office:

The secretary's office of the Chair of Medieval History will be occupied Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Therefore, please send all enquiries by e-mail to


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