Scientists for Future-Mannheim

Scientists for Future-Mannheim supports the demands of other for Future groups, such as Fridays for Future or Health for Future, and is a non-institutional and non-political association of scientists* who want to bring the current state of research into the social debate on sustainability and climate protection. The group aims to contribute to political discussions and promote dialogue. To this purpose, Scientists for Future offers information events at universities, in schools and in the public sphere.

Interactive short formats, information stands and lectures have been offered regularly in cooperation with the Historical Institute since the founding of Scientists for Future-Mannheim in September 2019. One of the highlights was the workshop “Climate Protection and International Law” in June 2022, which brought together students from all disciplines, members of various initiatives and academics at the University of Mannheim. What international legal means can be used to ensure that climate protection is implemented by international corporations and investors as well as by the EU and national legislators? These and other questions were the focus of the four short presentations and the subsequent discussion.

The regional group of Scientists for Future Mannheim meets once a month for a plenary session. Working group meetings are held at shorter intervals. More information can be found here.

Regional Group Coordination:

Verena Weller und Peter Parczewski