Oral Exams

Oral examinations are concerned with discussing selected topics in conversation with the examiner. In doing so, you show that you can present philosophical problems, positions and arguments in a comprehensible way, classify them into their historical and systematic context and discuss them critically.

In our courses of study, oral examinations are sometimes either possible or mandatory, for example as examination for a seminar or as oral final examination. You will discuss the examination topics and the procedure in advance with your examiner.

Oral Exams BaKuWi and MaKuWi

The final oral examinations in BaKuWi and MaKuWi cover two topics, which usually originate from or follow up on the courses completed during your study. The topics must not be related to the subject of the written final thesis. More detailed information can be found in the respective examination regulations.

(Note: From fall 2019, there will no longer be an oral final examination in MaKuWi; instead, the presentation of the master's thesis is planned in the context of a senior seminar. Further information can be found in the documents for the course of study.)