Dr. Helge Rückert

Dr. Helge Rückert

Academic staff member
University of Mannheim
Chair Theoretical Philosophy/Philosophy of Language
L 9, 5 – Room 111
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
Tue 10–11 am
semester break: please register for an appointment via email

Dr. Helge Rückert is an academic staff member at the Chair of Theoretical Philosophy/ Philosophy of Language. He studied philosophy, psychology and computer linguistics at the universities of Saarbrücken and Nancy 2. After research stays abroad in Leiden and Boston, he completed his doctorate with a thesis on the formulation of non-classical logics within the framework of game-theoretic semantics. He has been an academic staff member and lecturer at the University of Mannheim since 2003.

He is a proponent of a firm analytic approach to philosophy. His research mainly focuses on formal and philosophical logic (dialogical logic, modal logic with subjunctive markers) and analytic metaphysics (philosophy of metaphysical and epistemic modalities, Kripke).

In addition to topics from core areas of theoretical philosophy (e.g. philosophy of language, epistemology, theory of science) and the history of analytic philosophy (e.g. Frege, Wittgenstein, Vienna Circle), he also regularly offers courses on population ethics and interdisciplinary areas such as social choice theory, game and decision theory as well as philosophy and economics (among others, Adam Smith, Gary Becker, business ethics).


  • Books

    • Shaw, W. / Rückert, H. / Rühle, R. / Tuider, J.: Studienbuch Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik (German-language editing of the textbook Business Ethics von William H. Shaw, ca. 500 Seiten; contracted by Springer) [in preparation]
    • Rückert, H.: Dialogues as a Dynamic Framework for Logic, College Publications, 2011, 223 pages
  • Publications as editor

    • Dégremont, C. / Keiff, L. / Rückert, H. (ed.): Dialogues, Logics and Other Strange Things. Essays in Honour of Shahid Rahman, College Publications, 2008, 564 pages
    • Rahman, S. / Rückert, H. (ed.): New Perspectives in Dialogical LogicSynthese, Nr. 127 (1/2) (2001)
  • Papers

    • Wehmeier, K. / Rückert, H.: ‘Still in the Mood: The Versatility of Subjunctive Markers in Modal Logic’, Topoi, 38(2), 2019, 361–377
    • Marion, M. / Rückert, H.: 'Aristotle on Universal Quantification. A Game-theoretical Perspective', History and Philosophy of Logic, Volume 37, 2016, Issue 3, 201–229
    • Fiutek, V. / Rückert, H. / Rahman, S.: 'A Dialogical Semantics for Bonanno's System of Belief Revision', in: Bour, P. et al. (ed.):Construction, College Publications, 2010, 315–334
    • Rückert, H.: 'Sundholm's Paradox of Knowability: a Novel Paradox?', in: Primiero, G. / Rahman, S. (ed.): Acts of Knowledge: History, Philosophy and Logic. Essays Dedicated to Göran Sundholm, College Publications, 2009, 289–300
    • Rückert, H.: 'A Solution to Fitch's Paradox of Knowability', in: Rahman, S. / Symons, J. / Gabbay, D. / Van Bendegem, J.P. (ed.): Logic, Epistemology and the Unity of Science, LEUS 1, Kluwer 2004, 351–380
    • Rückert, H.: 'Logiques Dialogiques 'Multivalentes'', Philosophia Scientiae 8 (2), 2004, 59–87
    • Rückert, H.: 'Why Dialogical Logic?', in: Wansing, H. (ed.): Essays on Non-Classical Logic (Advances in Logic – Vol. 1), World Scientific 2001, 165–185
    • Rahman, S. / Rückert, H.: 'Dialogical Connexive Logic', Synthese, Nr. 127 (1/2) (2001), 105–139
    • Rahman, S. / Rückert, H.: 'Dialogische Modallogik (für T, B, S4 und S5)', Logique et Analyse 167–168 (1999), 243–282
    • Rahman, S. / Rückert, H.: 'Die pragmatischen Sinn- und Geltungskriterien der Dialogischen Logik beim Beweis des Adjunktionssatzes', Philosophia Scientiae (3) 3, 1998-99, 145–170
    • Rahman, S. / Rückert, H. / Fischmann, M.: 'On Dialogues and Ontology. The Dialogical Approach to Free Logic', Logique et Analyse 160 (1997), 357–374
  • Reviews

    • Rahman, S. / Rückert, H.: 'Intuitionistische Mathematik und Dialogischer Konstruktivismus' (Response to R. Taschner), Ethik und Sozialwissenschaften. Streitforum für Erwägungskultur 9 (1998), Vol. 3, 478–479
    • Rückert, H.: 'Stephen Read, Philosophie der Logik. Eine Einführung' (Book review), History and Philosophy of Logic, 18 (1997), 233–234
  • Smaller Publications

    • Dégremont, C. / Keiff, L. / Rückert, H.: 'Introduction', in: Dégremont, C. / Keiff, L. / Rückert, H. (ed.): Dialogues, Logics and Other Strange Things. Essays in Honour of Shahid Rahman, College Publications, 2008, 1–4
    • Rückert, H.: 'Modal Logic with Subjunctive Marker: A New Perspective on Rigid Designation' (extended abstract), in: Philosophical Insights into Logic and Mathematics (PILM 2002), Abstracts, Nancy 2002, 120–124
    • Rahman, S. / Rückert, H.: 'Preface', in: Rahman, S. / Rückert, H. (ed.): New Perspectives in Dialogical LogicSynthese, Nr. 127 (1/2) (2001), 1–6
    • Rückert, H.: 'Dialogue Games and Connexive Logic' (extended abstract), in: Baltag, A. / Pauly, M. (ed.): Proceedings of the ILLC Workshop on Logic and Games, Amsterdam 1999, 37–38
    • Rückert, H.: 'Wodurch sich der dialogische Ansatz in der Logik auszeichnet' (extended abstract), in: Mittelstraß, J. (Hrsg.): Die Zukunft des Wissens, Konstanz 1999, 644–648