PD Dr. Marc Andree Weber

PD Dr. Marc Andree Weber
Academic staff member
University of Mannheim
Chair Theoretical Philosophy/Philosophy of Language
L 9, 5 – Room 112
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
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Marc Andree Weber is an Academic Staff Member at the Chair of Theoretical Philosophy/Philosophy of Language at the University of Mannheim. Until 2018, he was Assistant Professor at the Chair of Epistemology and Theory of Science at the University College Freiburg. He also was a member of the interdisciplinary research projects “Dealing Reasonably with Blurred Boundaries” and “Deep Disagreements”.

Marc Andree Weber studied Mathematics and Philosophy in Heidelberg and Melbourne. He earned his PhD in 2011 with a thesis on transtemporal identity of persons. In 2019, he completed his habilitation with a thesis on epistemic significance of disagreement. 

He is fascinated by all areas of theoretical philosophy, especially by topics in metaphysics and epistemology. Currently, his focus lies on epistemic norms and their potential moral dimension.

In his teaching, Marc Andree Weber often addresses topics that go beyond his areas of research. For example, he regularly holds seminars on political philosophy, logic, and early modern philosophy.


Selected Papers

  • [2019c] “The Relevance of Philosophical Theories of Vagueness to Legal Interpretation.” Tomsk State University Journal of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science 48, 212–24. DOI: 10.17223/1998863X/48/21
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  • [2017d] “Zwölf Antworten auf Williams' Paradox.” Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung 71.1, 128-54.
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