Prof. Dr. Carolin Müller-Spitzer

Prof. Dr. Carolin Müller-Spitzer is the Head of the programme area “Empirical and digital lexical studies” at Leibniz Institute for the German Language. Her tasks also include managing the projects “Computer lexicography” and “Empirical Methods”.

From 2002 – 2005, after her studies of German Philology and Medieval and Modern History at the University of Heidelberg, Müller-Spitzer wrote her dissertation (topic: “Der lexikografische Prozess. Konzeption für die Modellierung der Datenbasis”).

In 2016, she habilitated in German Linguistics at the University of Mannheim and in 2018, she was appointed extraordinary professorship at the University of Mannheim.

Her research interests focus on:

  • Empirical research on the use of dictionaries
  • Quantitative-empirical methods for analyzing lexical phenomena, e.g. lexical change 
  • Genderlinguistics
  • Questions of accessing, linking and visualization of digital lexical-lexicographical data 


She teaches a large number of courses, among them:

  • HS Worte, Wortschatz, Wörterbücher
  • HS Deutscher Wortschatz – Aufbau, Struktur und Wandel
  • HS Zentrale Arbeitsfelder der Internetlexikografie
  • HS Deutscher Wortschatz, deutsche Wörterbücher
  • HS Onlinewörterbücher: Aktueller Stand – Technik – Benutzung
  • HS Genderlinguistik


Supervisor and examiner for: BA, LA, MA


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