Research at the Institute for Media and Communication Studies

Here, you can find an overview of all research projects and recent publications from all researchers at the Institute for Media and Communication Studies. Further information on research can be found on individual pages of staff members.

Current research projects

Mediated Contestation in Comparative Perspective (MedCon)

The project investigates societal and media conditions that influence mediated contestation and assesses the resulting debates within the framework of different normative democratic theories.

Responsible News Recommender Systems (ReNewRS)

Do online news recommender systems promote social polarization or even radicalization? This project investigates the influence of algorithmic news selection on shaping public opinion

Responsible Terrorism Coverage (ResTeCo)

The Responsible Terrorism Coverage (ResTeCo) project asks how journalists around the world can responsibly report on terror attacks in ways that give citizens the information they need without providing terrorists with the kinds of attention they want. 

Political Communication at the Interface of Entertainment and Information. The Impact of Eudaimonic Entertainment Experiences on the Processing and Effects of Political Information

The relationship between entertainment and political communication has been a matter of controversy for many years. Can entertaining forms of political communication be useful to reach audience groups who are less interested in politics? Or do they rather distract audiences from serious consideration of political issues? This project aims to provide a differentiated reassessment of this controversy by testing a dual-process model of the uses and effects of political information in an entertainment context. 


Institute for Media and Communication Studies (since 2015)

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