The German Studies Department currently educates about 500 students in seven programs that focus on the German language and literature with different emphases. We attach great importance to a broadly diversified and varied range of courses in all our degree programmes, which convey the basics of linguistics and literary studies in the core area, and also always address current issues, focus on other media, and train competencies in the field of cultural mediation.

In addition to courses on syntax and pragmatics, the courtly novel and Goethe's dramas, our teaching programme also includes lectures on chat and advertising language, the refugee crisis and contemporary theatre. Aspects of cultural and media practice are important to us: we invite authors and dramaturges to our courses. Practical exercises in cultural and media practice, for example, are carried out by publishing editors or journalists who provide an insight into their professional fields. We cooperate with numerous cultural institutions in the city, especially with the National Theatre Mannheim and the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums.

Academic Advising