Bachelor of Arts in German Studies: Language, Literature, Media

The special feature of the bachelor's program in German Studies: Language, Literature, Media is the orientation towards media studies of the linguistic, literary and cultural studies courses in German Studies. These courses are the key part of this program of study. Within the scope of these courses, students will address topics such as speech analysis as a means of culture and media analysis, the mediality of literature or inter- and transmedial issues. 

The program is completed by several mandatory courses in Media and Communication Studies and the Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies module, which casts light on the concept of culture by considering the topic from different angles that are characteristic for the individual departments.

Within the context of the career-oriented seminars of the Media and Culture in Practice module and thanks to the cooperation of the department with institutions like the Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS) students can apply their theoretical knowledge in practice already at an early stage and gain access to interesting areas of activity. During the mandatory six-week internship you will get the opportunity to put the competences obtained into practice.

All relevant information

  • Examination regulations

  • Program handbook

    Here, we have compiled many useful tips for you regarding your program: Which courses should I attend at the beginning of my studies? Is there an exemplary degree plan? How do lectures and seminars build on each other? Which courses are only offered on an annual basis? Who are my contact persons? 

  • Module catalog

  • Module catalog

    Here, you will find an exact description of the contents respecting each course of your program and the skills you will have acquired once you have completed the course. This information is important if you are going to take courses at another university (e.g. during a semester abroad) or have taken courses at another university in the past (preparatory studies) and are planning on having the ECTS credits already obtained recognized for your program of study. Please consider that there may be different versions of the module catalogs for each program of study depending on the start of the program (due to changes in the examination regulations).

  • Exemplary degree plan

    This degree plan only serves as an example of how you can successfully complete your program of study in six semesters. You can decide on the order in which you would like to take the courses and examinations of the program, but you should be mindful of taking the examinations that are relevant for the orientation examination within the first three semesters. Please keep in mind that some courses are only offered either in the fall semester or in the spring semester (for further information click on Portal²).

  • Proof of language proficiency (admission requirements)

    Students of the bachelor’s program in German Studies: Language, Literature, Media need to have a very good level of German language proficiency; a good command of English would be an additional advantage. 

  • Period of study abroad

    Studying abroad always helps you grow personally and professionally. And there is no better place to learn a foreign language than the country where the language is spoken. Don’t miss this great opportunity! Ideally you should plan your semester abroad for the fifth semester; however, a stay abroad during the spring semester (fourth or sixth semester) is also possible. We will help you plan your stay abroad and will be happy to advise you – whether you plan a semester abroad or an internship abroad.

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  • Internship

    The program includes a mandatory internship of six weeks (full-time 35 hours/week or part time with a total of at least 210 hours). We recommend that you also complete a longer internship in a potential professional field during your studies – either in Germany or abroad. We are happy to help you find a suitable internship. 

  • Final module

    What do I have to keep in mind with regard to the bachelor's thesis and the oral examination at the end of my studies? How can I find an examiner and a topic? How does the registration process for the final examinations and the thesis work?

    Information on the final module

  • After your graduation

    Graduates of the bachelor’s degree in German Studies: Language, Literature, Media have the necessary qualification to start a professional career in the media industry. This includes careers in the areas of culture, public relations, social media, (science) journalism, editing, publishing or politics. Ideally, you will gain first work experience during your program of study that helps you make the right career choice after graduation. We are happy to help you find a suitable internship or assist you in starting your career.
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    A bachelor’s degree in German Studies: Language, Literature, Media also qualifies you for a master’s program in German Studies, Linguistics, Literary or Media Studies or similar programs. 
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