Bachelor of Arts in German Studies: Language, Literature, Media

The special feature of the bachelor's program in German Studies: Language, Literature, Media is the orientation towards media studies of the linguistic, literary and cultural studies courses in German Studies. These courses are the key part of this program of study. Within the scope of these courses, students will address topics such as speech analysis as a means of culture and media analysis, the mediality of literature or inter- and transmedial issues. 

The program is completed by several mandatory courses in Media and Communication Studies and the Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies module, which casts light on the concept of culture by considering the topic from different angles that are characteristic for the individual departments.

Within the context of the career-oriented seminars of the Media and Culture in Practice module and thanks to the cooperation of the department with institutions like the Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS) students can apply their theoretical knowledge in practice already at an early stage and gain access to interesting areas of activity. During the mandatory six-week internship you will get the opportunity to put the competences obtained into practice.

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