Das Mannheimer Barockschloss und der Ehrenhof unter blauem Himmel.

Departments at the School of Humanities

Department of English Studies

A close cooperation with Economics and Business Administration characterizes the various bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs offered at the Department of English Studies. 

Department of German Studies

The Department of German Studies offers various bachelor's and master's programs in linguistics and literary studies with a focus on cultural, economic, and media studies.

Department of History

At the Department of History, the subject is covered in all its aspects. Programs are characterized by cross-epochal research and teaching and close cooperation with non-university institutions such as museums.

Department of Philosophy

Various bachelor's and master's programs in Mannheim deal with the dimensions of philosophical reasoning from both a historical and a systematic perspective.

Department of Romance Languages

The Department of Romance Languages focuses on French, Spanish, and Italian. In all three languages, the emphasis is on modern linguistics and literary studies and a view from the perspective of cultural studies.

Institute for Media and Communication Studies

Qualitative and quantitative methods used in empirical research in the field of Media and Communication Studies are a main focus of the programs offered in Mannheim.

Department of Slavic Studies

The Department of Slavic Studies focuses on practical language courses and makes a regular contribution to the interdisciplinary cultural studies module offered in the bachelor's programs.