Adelaide, Australia: University of Adelaide

Spotlight: This is the University of Adelaide – Gain useful insights, facts, and insider information about our partner university in Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is located in the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia. With slightly over 21,000 students, the university is quite small for such a large country. Nevertheless, it is one of the most research-intensive universities in Australia and in addition to that, it can be found in top places in international rankings. In addtion to almost 8,000 exchange students from all over the world, there are also many students from Asia who study in Adelaide.

But it is not only the research and the cultural mix that make a stay here interesting. Adelaide is located on the southern coast of Australia and is the capital of the state of South Australia. The two festivales taking place from mid/end of February to mid-March are particularly popular: the Adelaide Fringe and the Adelaide Festival, where national and international artists contribute in the fields of music, culture, comedy, and much more. The University of Adelaide offers themed seminars on the Adelaide Festival and festival organisation, making the University of Adelaide particularly interesting for a stay in the FSS. But a stay in the HWS can also be exciting due to the inverted seasons in the southern hemisphere – when can you experience the Advent season at summer temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees? Furthermore, the University of Adelaide offers the possibility of an internship during the semesterm, supplemented by seminar content. The requirements for an internship spot are similarly free as in Mannheim, however, it should be agreed with the university.

From Adelaide it takes less than three hours to fly to Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne – or you could also take a road trip through the Australian outback. The Exchange Student Network offers activities in and around Adelaide itself, which can be compared to the Mannheim Initivative Visa. There is the possibility to be accommodated in the university-owned dormitories, which are worth considering especially because of the proximity to the campus.

The application is open to students of all courses of study at the Faculty of Philosophy. Attention: a minimum grade of 2.5 is a prerequisite for a successful application.

The application deadline is 30 April!

More information about the University of Adelaide can be found here.