Coventry, Great Britain: Warwick University

Spotlight: This is the Warwick University – Gain useful insights, facts, and insider information about our partner university in Coventry

Welcome to Warwick University!

Our British partner university, University of Warwick in Coventry, Great Britain, counts 25,000 students in total, of which 9,500 are international students. You can choose from a multitude of courses comprising numerous modern languages such as Spanish Studies and German Studies, which are taught from a British perspective, Translation Studies, or the analysis of recent propaganda. In some cases, students are also allowed to attend courses in Media Studies dealing with such interesting topics as Ecocinema, Celebrity Stardom, and LGBTQ+ literature.

University and Campus

In national and international rankings, the University of Warwick regularly achieves top positions; currently, it ranks number 9 of the best universities in Great Britain. The university’s research activities are focused on Digitalization and Film and Television Studies. Students can stay in one of the university’s numerous off-campus residence halls that are available in different price ranges.

The City – Coventry

Coventry has 325,000 inhabitants, thus being slightly larger than Mannheim. The city was largely damaged during the Second World War; the ruins of the cathedral as well as many buildings dating back to the 1950s and 1960s are evidence of the destruction. Not far from Warwick, you can visit the popular spa resort Leamington, and the historic town of Kenilworth, where you can visit an abbey and explore the castle ruins.

Who can apply for this exchange program?

Bachelor’s students of English, American and German Studies are eligible to participate in the exchange program. The program is also open for Master's students of education. The Mannheim Language Certificate serves as the required proof of language proficiency at level B2.

The application deadline is 31 January!

More information about the University of Warwick can be found here.