Guangzhou, China: Jinan University

Spotlight: This is the Jinan University – Gain useful insights, facts, and insider information about our partner university in Guangzhou

Nǐ hǎo – Welcome to Jinan University!

We would like to introduce you to our partner university in Guangzhou, China- the Jinan University! Here, you will study alongside 38,000 fellow students at one of China’s most prestigious universities. Due to the presence of more than 11,000 students from all over the world, the student life is even more exciting and diverse. Especially the spacious campus and the wide range of subjects engender student interest in spending a stay abroad at this institution of higher education.

The City – Guangzhou

With around 15 million inhabitants, Guangzhou is a metropolis; it’s urban agglomeration is populated by no less than 25 million people. A place of interest worth visiting is the 600 meters tall Canton Tower, which is comprised of five observation platforms – the highest one at 450 meters. Due to the short distance and a travel time of only a few hours by train you can go on weekend trips to either Hong Kong or the top destination for gambling tourism, Macao. The recommended time to travel around this region is from October to December, which coincides with the fall semester, making it the right time for your stay abroad.

Student housing is available on the university premises; accommodation, however, has to be organized individually.

Who should apply for this exchange program?

The exchange is open to Bachelor students of Culture and Economy: English and American Studies as well as Current English Linguistics and Literary Studies. Master students can unfortunately not take part in this exchange program.

The application deadline is 15 October!

More information about the Jinan University can be found here