Internship Report

Your internship report shall summarize the experiences you have gained during your internship. Together with other documents (internship certificate, letter of motivation and curriculum vitae), it forms the basis for the recognition of your internship as a mandatory internship.

Structure and specifications:

  • Cover page

    • One page
    • Your name
    • Contact details
    • Student ID number
    • Degree program and number of semesters enrolled at a German higher education institution when submitting the report (subject-specific semesters plus academic leave of absence, if applicable)
    • Name of the internship (ideally the title of the advertisement)
    • Name of the department/division in which the internship was completed
    • Name of the company/institution where the internship was completed
    • Assignment to an industry or sector
    • Internship period (start and end date)
    • Duration of the internship in weeks
    • Weekly number of working hours
    • Remuneration (gross)
    • Evaluation of the internship in grades from 1 to 5
    • Contact person (either in the responsible division or in the human resources department) with e-mail address and/or telephone number
  • Report

    • Three to five pages
    • Presentation of the company/institution (maximum half a page)
    • Description of tasks (maximum one page)
    • Mentoring (maximum half a page)
    • Knowledge acquired during the program of study that could be applied in practice (maximum one page). Please name specific courses here.
    • Key competences learned and applied (maximum one page)
    • Career prospects resulting from the internship and involved activities (maximum half a page)
    • Evaluation of the internship and personal conclusions (maximum half a page). 
    • Please also state if and why you are in favor of further open internship positions of this company/institution being published in our internship database.
  • Internship certificate

    Copy of the internship certificate or internship confirmation of your employer.

  • Letter of motivation

    Cover letter or letter of motivation for your application for an internship

  • CV

    Curriculum vitae for your application for an internship

  • Formatting rules

    • justified 
    • one and a half lines 
    • Remove “Spacing – After” 
    • Calibri 11 point 
    • Margin left: 2.5 cm 
    • Margin right: 2.5 cm 
    • Margin bottom: 2 cm 
    • Margin top: 2.5 cm 
    • Write headings in bold type and insert a blank line to separate them from the preceding paragraph.

Combine all documents into one PDF file. 

Recognition of the mandatory internship

ILIAS course for the submission of the internship report

Please note that you need to register on Portal² in order to be able to submit your report. Join the course “Pflichtpraktikumsanerkennung” (recognition of the mandatory internship) and then start the ILIAS test.

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