Course Selection

At the School of Humanities, you can choose your courses from a most varied range of modules with different languages of instruction. From 'Development and Structure of Online Media' to '(Neo-)Slave Narratives' to 'Poetry and Ballads of Weimar Classicism', there is no lack of choice of courses for you to choose from to make your stay with us both enlightening and enriching. Please consult your home university about which courses fit the curriculum of your program of study and how many ECTS credits you need to obtain. We recommend not acquiring more than 30 ECTS credits.

  • Courses at the School of Humanities

    The courses offered by each of our departments are listed in the course catalog for international students. In addition to a multitude of courses held in English and German, the School of Humanities also offers courses in French, Italian and Spanish. Please select at least 51 percent of your courses from the catalog of our School.

  • University Wide Electives

    You can also attend courses at other schools provided that they are considered University Wide Electives (UWE). The courses are open to students from all schools and do not require any particular language skills. Please contact us if you have any questions about registering for the courses.
    Unfortunately, apart from these courses, you cannot attend any other courses offered by the other schools.

  • Courses on German language and culture

    The university also offers you various possibilities to learn German.

    Courses on German language and culture offered by the International Office
    During the semester, exchange students have the option of attending courses on German language and culture. You will obtain ECTS credits for both types of courses. The courses on German culture, e.g. Germany at a glance, are taught in English, while the language of instruction for the language courses is German. You can register for these courses via Portal2.

    Summer and Winter Academies 
    The Summer and Winter Academies always take place in the month before semester starts. They are organized by the International Office.  The academies offer you a multi-faceted program: You can learn all about German pop music, gain insight into the history of the Electoral Palatinate, and later take part in sports activities. It is a fantastic opportunity to discover Mannheim and get to know your fellow students. You can obtain 6 ECTS credits for participating in either academy program.

    German language courses of the Studium Generale
    In addition to the courses offered by the International Office, you can also enroll in German language courses which are not ECTS credited. These are offered as part of the Studium Generale.

Course registration

The registration periods depend on the schools. The following information thus only applies to the courses offered by the School of Humanities. You need to register for your courses during the registration period. To do this, please log in to Portal² and choose your courses. For further instructions, please click here; please also note these steps:

  1. Registration will be open five weeks before the start of semester.
  2. Once registration is open, you will have ten days during which to register for your courses.
  3. Please only select courses from the course catalog that are offered by the School of Humanities.
  4. Select at least five courses on Portal².
  5. You will find a confirmation of which courses you are enrolled in on Portal2 shortly before the semester starts.

Please note that we cannot guarantee you a spot in the courses you selected.

Exam registration

At the beginning of the semester, you will enroll in the selected courses. After a couple of weeks of classes, you will be able to determine whether you would like to sit the examinations for each of these courses or not. If you wish to obtain a grade and ECTS credits for a course, you are required to sit the respective examination (as a rule, a written exam, an oral examination or a term paper) and to register for this examination online. You will receive all the relevant information you need from us before the exam registration period starts.

Advising and contact

Andrea Lutterbach

Andrea Lutterbach

Incoming Exchange Coordinator
University of Mannheim
School of Humanities
Schloss – Room EO 291
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
Please email me to make an appointment.