Departmental Student Representatives

The departmental student representatives (formerly known as departmental student committees) form part of the organized student body and represent the interests of the School’s students in the committee on student affairs and teaching, on the school council, and in other bodies. Their active participation in the ongoing enhancement of teaching and learning is an integral part of university life. The departmental student representatives also actively engage in orientation sessions and welcome events, student information days, graduation ceremonies, and many other events organized by the School. It's worth joining in!

These are the departmental student representatives of the School of Humanities:

Departmental student representatives | Philosophy (Arbeitskreis Philosophie)

For all students of Philosophy 
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Departmental student representatives | History

For all students of History 
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Departmental student representatives | Media and Communication Studies

For all students of Media and Communication Studies
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Departmental student representatives | Linguistics and Literary Studies

For all students of English and American Studies, German Studies, Romance Studies, and Philosophy
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The School is happy to issue a certificate of social commitment for active cooperation with the departmental student representatives. Please contact the contact person of your departmental student representative body.