International Cultural Studies (ICS)

International Cultural Studies (ICS) take a look at key concepts in cultural studies as well as their application in historical and contemporary contexts. They focus on internationality, interculturality and interdisciplinarity:

Intercultural and Interdisciplinary

ICS offer a special English-language course catalog, which crosses disciplinary boundaries at the School of Humanities. Approaching social issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, the courses convey different cultural perspectives on thought-provoking topics. The courses are open to international students and Mannheim students alike and offer the opportunity for students from different departments to come together. The idea of intertwining cultures and cultural diversity can be experienced personally and is integral to the courses.


Promoting student mobility, some of the courses are regularly offered in digital and hybrid formats. For example, some are open to European students at the virtual ENGAGE.EU-Campus. ICS also strive to expand the range of seminars that are designed and taught in cooperation with international partner universities. These fruitful collaborative efforts reflect the university’s spirit of international encounter through future-oriented teaching.

Lectures and courses

The lecture “International Cultural Studies” is the flagship course of ICS. It offers an introduction to cultural studies and provides an overview of key concepts and key figures of the last 300 years, from Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Karl Marx, to bell hooks. During the sessions and the complementary discussions, participants study influential texts, thinkers, and theories. The lecture thus gives an insight into the development of cultural studies and highlights the value of the field for making sense of social life.

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The hands-on seminars approach contemporary cultural studies phenomena from intercultural perspectives and in interdisciplinary contexts. They are taught by faculty from different disciplines, accentuating the diversity of ICS beyond the mainstream. From Intercultural Communication, Environmental Humanities, and Postcolonial Studies to Hip Hop Studies, Critical Queer Theory, or Video Game Studies and much more, students can choose from a wide selection of seminars each semester.

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What are International Cultural Studies?

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    Culture matters. Cultural texts and practices shape our understanding of society, politics, history, and culture. They carry value systems and world views but can also question and transform them. Cultural studies seek to understand and critique these dynamics. In our increasingly complex world, an international perspective is indispensable. ICS encourages a change in perspective to challenge the historical-cultural premises and the basic assumptions of our own disciplines that shape our (academic and social) positions.

    In the courses, participants become acquainted with basic topics, theories, questions, and problems, and methods of cultural studies with an international focus. They gain an overview of key concepts such as race, class, gender, identity, globalization, popular culture, postcolonialism, and their historical development. This problem-oriented outlook enables students to identify and analyze the structural links between issues in cultural studies and their multifaceted settings.

Who can attend ICS courses?

Mannheim students

ICS are part of the course catalog of the cultural studies modules in most of our bachelor's programs. Please refer to the program handbook of your degree program to find out which courses you can attend.

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International students

The ICS courses are open to all international students enrolled at the School of Humanities. All incoming exchange students at the School of Humanities need to register for their courses via Portal².

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Advising and contact

Dr. Ana-Sofia Uhl

Dr. Ana-Sofia Uhl

Coordination International Cultural Studies (ICS)
University of Mannheim
School of Humanities – Dean's Office
Schloss – Room EO 291
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
Please email me to make an appointment.