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Thanks to numerous cooperations and programs offered by the School and/or the University of Mannheim you can choose your favorite from more than 150 destinations worldwide. Get a first overview here!

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In 2021, we participated in the summer university program of Aarhus University. In addition to our course entitled “Cross-cultural negotiation”, a large number of English-language summer courses are offered every year in all disciplines, of which you can also take several if you are interested. Our course was held in a relatively small group and had a high level of interactive content, so we quickly got in touch with fellow students from Denmark and all over the world. Aarhus is a great city full of students and bicycles, with beautiful beaches and a variety of cultural offerings. If you are not deterred from studying for a few weeks during the semester break, we warmly recommend the summer university in Aarhus.

Anna Baier and Antonia Krüger, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Culture and Economy, Aarhus University (Dänemark) / Photo credit: Florin Hagenbach

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