Zadar, Croatia: University of Zadar

Spotlight: This is the University of Zadar – Gain useful insights, facts, and insider information about our partner university in Zadar

Dobrodošli – Welcome to University of Zadar!

The internationally recognized, educationally strong and diverse University of Zadar is located on the southern coast of Croatia, in the beautiful city of Zadar. The university boasts nearly 6000 students and 422 faculty members who study and teach at the coastal campus. The campus is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea from both sides, and thus, offers a remarkable island feeling, where one feels directly at home.

The City – Zadar

The university can score not only with great nature, but also with the center of the city. In the past it was the most important naval point of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, where the seats of government institutions were located, including that of the Hungarian-Croatian Navy. A few minutes' drive from the university lies the heart of Zadar – the old town. The city of Zadar has a total of almost 75,000 inhabitants and offers, in addition to historical buildings and monuments, many other attractions such as the sea organ, which is a kind of staircase that leads into the water, under which in turn are large tubes that produce sounds through the waves of the sea.

To dos in Zadar:

  • Right next to the sea organ is the next attraction of Zadar: the 'Greeting to the Sun'. In the evening, the attraction unfolds its beauty. Hundreds of lights are placed on the ground in a huge circle, changing both color and motif.
  • Another monument is the church of Sv. Donat, which is also just a few meters away from the sea organ. The church has a large marketplace with many restaurants, bars, etc. and offers everyone who walks up its tower a fantastic view from above over the whole city and the sea.
  • Also the many nearby national parks (Plitvice Lakes, Krka Waterfalls, Kornati) can score with their versatility and beauty. However, the city of Zadar was not chosen as the center of the university without reason.

University and Campus

The University combines a centuries-old university tradition, the longest in Croatia. Today, the University of Zadar is the largest integrated university in Croatia. With its total of 25 university departments, among which are many programs in the humanities, the university is particularly privileged in various academic fields. In addition to its multifaceted orientation, Zadar places great emphasis on internationality: the university cooperates with various Croatian and academic institutions and also has cooperation agreements with international universities. The University of Zadar promotes likewise the participation in international competitive projects, incoming and outgoing mobility of students and academics, and joint studies with international universities.

It is also worth knowing that the university has 195 hectares of land around the area between Suhovare and Islam Grcki, which they use for the cultivation of apple trees and vines. Therefore, besides apples, you can buy a wide variety of products, such as 100% natural apple juice and apple chips. A remarkable quality wine is later produced from the cultivated vines.

Who can apply for this exchange program?

The exchange is open to all students of German Studies (Bachelor and Master), all English Studies bachelors and the masters of Language and Communication and Literature, Media and Culture of Modernity.

The application deadline is 31 January! 

More information about the University of Zadar can be found here

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