Matsumoto, Japan: Shinshu University

Spotlight: This is the Shinshu University – Gain useful insights, facts, and insider information about our partner university in Matsumoto

Irasshaimase – Welcome to Shinshu University!

Shinshu University is located in the heart of Japan: in Matsumoto. With its eight different faculties (arts, education, business and law, medicine, engineering, agribusiness, textile studies) and its five graduate schools, the university offers a diverse range of academic fields.

University and Campus

Of its total 11,000 students, there are a total of 360 international students studying at Shinshu. Located in Nagano Prefecture, the university is known in Japan for its commitment to environmental protection. Sustainability, therefore, plays a major role for the university. For three years in a row, the university, with its total of five eco-campuses, has already been ranked as the No.1 environmentally friendly university, making it one of the world's leading universities in the field.

In addition, Shinshu University has become known as Japan's No.1 local community university through student volunteer activities, industry-academia-government cooperation projects, and courses offered to local residents.

The City – Matsumoto

The Matsumoto campus of the university is surrounded by the Japanese Alps. The Kamikochi or Norikura Alpine Route is especially beautiful. Lake Suwa is also only about half an hour away from the campus. Furhtermore, the city itself is the second largest in Nagano Prefecture. It is most famous for its castle called Matsumoto-jo and it only takes a few minutes from campus to the city, which contains many attractions. For example, those interested in agriculture can visit the Daio Wasabi Farm. If you are a city lover, you can reach Tokyo or Osaka within three hours by car. Thanks to Japan's good train connections, you can even reach Tokyo in 1.5 hours by train. Places like Hakuba, Azumino or Ueda can also be reached within a few hours.

Who can apply for this exchange program?

The application is open to all students of the School of Humanities.
If you are enthusiastic about Japanese culture and language, the Shinshu University is the right place for you. The university also has a lot to offer in the area of the ICS module. The language certificate is the Mannheim Language Certificate.

The application deadline is 15 October!

More information about the Shinshu University can be found here.