Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Teacher Education

At the University of Mannheim you will study all aspects qualifying you for a teaching position right from the beginning of your studies: your two subjects, Education Sciences, and Teaching Methodology. This way you will learn all the basics that are important for your future teaching profession at an early stage. During your first school placement you will gain insights into teaching at schools.

By the way: Should you realize in the course of the bachelor's program that becoming a teacher is not your dream job after all, the B.Ed. Teacher Education will qualify you for a wide variety of interesting master’s programs.

At a glance

Subject 170 ECTS credits
Subject 270 ECTS credits
Teaching Methodology15 ECTS credits
Education Sciences including first school placement19 ECTS credits
Bachelor's thesis6 ECTS credits
 180 ECTS credits

All relevant information

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... on Education Sciences and Teaching Methodology

Teacher Education International

Studying abroad always helps you grow personally and professionally. And there is no better place to learn a foreign language than the country where the language is spoken. Don’t miss this great opportunity! 

Following your bachelor's degree in Teacher Education... 

... you will study the M.Ed. Teacher Education program in order to become a teacher. 

You do not want to teach at a school? By completing a master’s degree you can set a different focus. The University of Mannheim offers a wide range of interesting master’s programs. 

You would like to become a teacher?

Then we have the right program for you!
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N. N.

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