Anglistik I

Chair of Psycholinguistics (A I)

Prof. Dr. Nicole Altvater-Mackensen

Anglistik IV

Chair of English Linguistics (A IV)

Prof. Dr. Carola Trips

SP Anglistik

Senior professor of Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Tracy

Anglistik II

Chair of English Literary and Cultural Studies (A II)

Prof. Dr. Caroline Lusin

Anglistik WW

English for Business Administration

Dipl.-Phil. Christiane Koch, AOR

JP Multilingualism

Junior Professor of Research on Multilingualism

Jun.-Prof. Helen Engemann

Anglistik III

Chair of American Literary and Cultural Studies (A III)

Prof. Dr. Ulfried Reichardt

Multilingualism & Education

Chair of Multilingualism and Education

Prof. Dr. Kristin Kersten

Department Management

Management of the Department and Central Office

Dr. Dieter Thoma, AR