Nadine Zürn, M.A.

Nadine Zürn, M.A.
Academic Staff Member
University of Mannheim
Anglistik I
B 6, 30–32 – Room 37
68159 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
By appointment

Since December 2021, Nadine Zürn is an academic staff member and doctoral student at the department of English Linguistics (Anglistik I) within the Research Unit Emerging Grammars in Language Contact Situations: A Comparative Approach (RUEG), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

She completed her B.Ed. in English and Mathematics in July 2018 and subsequently her M.A. in Language and Communication in November 2021.

Her primary research interests are in morphosyntax in connection to semantics and pragmatics, illuminated by multilingualism and diverse methodological approaches in corpus and psycholinguistics.

Reviewer Activities

Journal Editor and Reviewer at Mannheim Papers in Multilingualism, Acquisition, and Change (MAPMAC)