How to study BA CELLS

Here, you find a short overview of the the program's learning and teaching philosophy and studying abroad experiences from current students.

  • What is the challenge?

    Sometimes the job of students is similiar to the one of squirrels. Why?
    Because many tend to collect bits and pieces of information and store them in different places and when they need them, they often don’t find these information bits any more.

  • And what does it take?

    Gathering information and developing a solid knowledge base is essential for any kind of study, however, it is not enough for a successful academic career.
    What is essential is that students work with the information and develop their critical analytic and synthetic cognitive skills. If we apply this to the squirrel comparison, the squirrel should prepare a nutritious nut dish from all the collected nuts, and not just store them individually. What is more, they should enrich it with all their knowledge and skills acquired in life.

  • How can you do it?

    How can students achieve this? By developing an active attitude, by searching for opportunities to make use of their knowledge and skills, by applying them repeatedly and finally, by talking to their instructors and advisors.

Study Abroad

In this section you can read more about some selected partner universities and student's experiences.