English studies at the University of Mannheim

Dear current and prospective students,

On the following pages, you may find information about courses and seminars offered by the Department of English for your bachelor, master and doctoral studies. Furthermore, you may find information concerning language certificates and letters of reference.



Here, you can find an overview of all courses offered by the Department of English.

Partner Universities

Here, you can find examples for studying abroad at selected partner universities.


Study Programs

Here, you can find study programs offered at the Department of English.

Academic Research and Writing

Here, you can find all information concerning academic research and writing at the Department of English

Resources for Students

Here, you can find information on methodological and technical resources which we provide to students in addition to central offerings.

    Further information for students

  • Letters of Recommendation

    For letters of recommendation please contact teachers you already know.

  • Language Certificates

    Language certificates, especially for applications for semesters abroad, are issued exclusively by our lecturers. Ideally, you should contact a lecturer who knows you already.

    Commercial language tests are not offered by the Department of English. Please contact e.g. Studium Generale.

  • Learning Agreements

    Information on learning agreements can be found on the deanery's website.