Christiane Koch

Christiane Koch
Team Leader and Lecturer of English
University of Mannheim
English for Business Administration
Schloss – Room EW 291
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
Consultation hours by appointment during the lecture-free period

  • Biographic Information

    Christiane Koch is a senior lecturer and head of English for Business Administration. She did her studies in Mannheim and Boston and received her diploma in English and Business Administration in 1999. She worked for a German Mittelstand high-tech company for four years and gained some experience in university project management at the University of Mannheim before she started her teaching career.

    One big part of her time is devoted to being the advisor for the BaKuWi students, listening to what they have to say, trying to find solutions to problems, small and sometimes not so small, and helping out whenever it is necessary.

  • Teaching

    Her main focus in teaching English is on current US/UK topics in politics and the economy, and she loves to read widely, learn more about US post-WWII history, politics and the news and share it with her students.


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