BaKuWi Community

This is a section for current students where we keep you updated on regular student-to student meetings, workshops with MaKuWi students, recent graduates and professionals.

  • BaKuWi meets Young Professionals

    Here, we will inform you about upcoming career-oriented workshops, where you get the chance to interact with young professionals who are former students of BaKuWi and/or MaKuWi Anglistik/Amerikanistik.

    Scheduled for summer 2021: Judith Mathes

    06.07.2021, 17.15


    ZOOM-Raum-ID: 979 439 5777

    ZOOM-Passwort: 089726

    Judith Mathes graduated from the University of Mannheim with a Bachelor in Culture and Economy: English and Business Studies in 2014 and holds a Master in Management from the Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon. She is a Key Account Manager, Retail – Large Customer Sales with Google as well as a Business & Health Coach.

    As a BaKuWi-alumni, Judith will share insights about her journey on “Finding your Purpose”. Starting out with her first job at Google in Dublin, she was also diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease that kicked off the path to finding her true passion, doing more of what she loves doing and creating the lifestyle she desires. Recovering with a natural approach to health, she also got certified as Lifestyle Health Coach and is now building her own business on the side, helping people with nutrition, hydration and mindset. Join her talk to hear about her learnings on the way and ask any questions you have regarding your thoughts about what's next after BaKuWi or MaKuWi.


    Previous speakers

    Laura Groebel, M.A., M.Sc., Consultant at FSG

    Eva Coblenzer, M.A., Marketing Coordinator at Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

    Annegret Lauerburg, M.A., Head of Corporate Communication, Hevert-Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG,

    Anna Lüneberg, Dipl.-Angl., Online marketing, music events

  • BaKuWi meets MaKuWi

    In spring terms, we organize informal meetings, where you (as a BaKuWi student) can meet MaKuWi Anglistik/Amerikanistik students to gain authentic insights into their study program. They will provide you with first-hand information about how and why they chose the program and the pros and cons of studying it. In the first part of the meeting, the subject-specific academic advisors will also be present to answer organizational questions.

    BaKuWi meets MaKuWi is also open to BaKuWi students who do not study English.

    Scheduled for spring 2021

  • Stammtisch

    This is a meeting point for all current BaKuWi students. We believe that we could all benefit from knowing each other better. Therefore, this semester we decided to launch a biweekly get-together. Here, we will meet up to talk about current study related issues, invite former BaKuWi/MaKuWi students, and prepare for any future endeavors.

  • Excursions & Workshops

    Media and Journalist Workshop at the US Consulate General

    A great day at the US Consulate General in Frankfurt

    On 25 April, Antje Clasen and a group of her students from the BaKuWi and MaKuWi program participated in the first Media and Journalist Workshop at the US Consulate General.

    They spent an exciting, interesting and inspiring day there, listening to a talk by Brian E. Weeks, PhD and Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Michigan on “The Emotional Characteristics of Social Media and Political Misperceptions”, learning more about the workings of a consulate and the different departments, and even having a video conference with th US State Department in Washington. Throughout the day the group had the chance to discuss central problems and exchange ideas with scholars, officials from the US Consulate and fellow students from other universities. After a long day full of new insights and thought-provoking discussions, everyone was more than happy to learn that there will be another workshop of that kind quite soon.