Michael Amesbury

Michael Amesbury
Lecturer for English
University of Mannheim
English for Business Administration
Schloss – Room EW 295
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
Consultation hours by appointment during the lecture-free period

  • Biographic Information

    Michael Amesbury is a lecturer in the Department of English for Business Administration. He earned his BFA from California State University. After graduation, he became involved in media design, marketing and corporate communications for companies in the U.S. and Germany. Since 2003, he has taught, tutored and coached in various business-relevant areas of communication.

  • Teaching

    Mr. Amesbury currently teaches BaKuWi Business Communication l and ll, MaKuWi Business Communication lll as well as WiPäd Fremdsprachenkompetenz and Master Wipäd Business Communication lll.


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