BA CELLS: Example Courses

What kind of courses can I take at the Department of English?

CELLS is a study programe that puts particular emphasis on current issues, topics and cultural artefacts from films and music to novels and graphic novels. There is a clear focus on your expertise for the late 20th and 21st century when analysing the English language, its structure and use or cultural products. The programe also emphasizes the development of your media competence.

  • Get a broad background

  • Prepare your career

    There is a special module (called career roadmap) with a practical focus that aims at preparing you for the job market outside university. Here you have a chance to investigate your strengths and develop them, gain media skill competence and some practical experience with e.g., informational interviews.

  • Explore specific topics in-depth

    At the centre of your programe, we designed a core module in which the linguistic, literary and cultural perspectives are focussed around a specific topic such as “Reading” in 2019. Here, students investigate a topic in-depth from all three perspectives. They experience how the different scholarly fields can enrich and support each other