Dr. Michael Percillier

Dr. Michael Percillier
Academic Staff Member
University of Mannheim
Anglistik IV
B 6, 30 – 32 – Room 042
68159 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
appointment on request

  • Research

    Michael Percillier’s research interests include language change, language contact, varieties of English, and corpus linguistics.

    In his doctoral dissertation, he examined the structural similarities and differences of postcolonial varieties of English sharing a substrate language but not a colonial history.

    During the first project of his postdoc phase (University of Strasbourg, 2013–2015), he analysed the use of non-standard language in literary texts. In his next project Borrowing of Argument Structure in Contact Situations (BASICS), during which he completed his cumulative habilitation thesis, he investigated grammatical change in the medieval contact situation between Middle English and Old French. In this context, he developed a method for lemmatising verbs in Middle English corpora, which is available from the BASICS Toolkit.

    He is currently preparing a project investigating the diachronic development of Southeast Asian varieties of English using historical data.

    He is co-editor of the journal Mannheim papers in multilingualism, acquisition and change (MAPMAC) and a reviewer for the journals World Englishes, English Today, Text & Talk, Journal of Data Mining and Digital Humanities, and Transactions on Asian and Low-Resource Language Information Processing.

  • Biographic Information

    • Study of the subjects English and French (State Examination in teacher training) at the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, 2001–2008
    • Doctoral studies in English philology at the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg with the dissertation Accent unites, syntax divides? Varying degrees of nativisation of English in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, 2008–2012
    • Postdoc at the University of Strasbourg in the IDEX-funded project The representations of oral varieties of language in the literature of the English-speaking world, 2013–2015
    • Postdoc at the University of Mannheim in the DFG-funded project Borrowing of Argument Structure in Contact Situations (BASICS), 2015–2021
    • Habilitation at the University of Mannheim with cumulative habilitation thesis Contact-induced structural change in Middle English: an integrative approach to developing resources and modelling language contact, 2021
    • Coordinator of the DFG-funded Research Unit Structuring the Input in Language Processing, Acquisition and Change (SILPAC), since 2022
  • Teaching

    Michael Percillier has been teaching at universities since 2010, primarily on the topics of World Englishes and diachronic linguistics. He has also held workshops on statistic analysis for linguists using R.

    He completed the Baden-Württemberg Certificate for Teaching and Learning at University Level in 2021. In this context, he co-developed the instructional website on corpus linguistic methods Toolbox Anglistik IV.