Research topics

At the Chair of English Linguistics (Anglistik I) we focus our research on four interconnected areas:

  1. We research monolingual and bilingual language acquisition of English and German in different psycho-social contexts.
  2. In our multilingualism research, we investigate language contact situations.
  3. Our psycholinguistic research investigates how (bilingual) language representation and processing influence cognitive and emotional processes e.g., in the area of consumer behavior.
  4. Our applied linguistic  research considers interfaces between language acquisition and empirical educational research in school contexts, language assessment and training as well as professional development in those areas.

We create strong links between research and teaching. For example, our Bachelor and Master students work with authentic data from research projects and conduct interdisciplinary psycholinguistic experiments in our eye-tracking lab.
These pages offer information about our research projects and publications.



Crossing the Borders

The interplay of language, cognition, and the brain in early human development

Multilingual Classroom (A I)

Teacher training: teaching and learning in a multilingual classroom.

MA-eye-LAB (A I)

Visit the pages of our psycholinguistic research lab



Emerging Grammars in Language Contact Situations: A Comparative Approach. Teilprojekt P5: Clause Structure in Heritage German


Transfer research with the Mannheim Centre for Empirical Multilingualism Research gGmbH

Wortakrobaten (A I)

Visit the webpage of the Children's Language Laboratory of the Department of English I/Psycholinguistics.

Finished Projects


Anglistik I