Busan, South Korea: Pusan National University

Spotlight: This is the Pusan National University – Gain useful insights, facts, and insider-information about our partner university in Busan

The Pusan National University (PNU) is located in Busan, the second largest city of South Korea. It is one of the country’s best universities, offering a wide range of courses in English for international students. In addition, students from abroad may attend free Korean language courses. The history of the PNU can be traced back to to the year 1946 when the university had only two schools: one for humanities and one for fishing.

Nowadays, around 26,000 students are enrolled at the PNU. International students have the possibility to seek for affordable accommodation directly on campus or rent a room on the free market. The PNU offers a large, modern library, a museum on campus, and an interesting summer school program.

Busan has around 3.6 million residents. The city has a vibrant nightlife as well as special coffee and bar culture. It is famous for numerous cultural events like the Busan International Film Festival in October. Another place you should not miss is the Jalgalchi market right in the city center, which is famous for its wide range of culinary delights. On a record-breaking scale: The Shinsegae Centum City Department Store in Busan is the biggest shopping center in the world. The metro in Busan offers a unique library system that allows you to borrow and read books during your travel.

The metropolitan city is situated on the southeastern coast of the peninsula, it is surrounded by water and has many natural beaches (such as Haeundae beach). In the north-west of the city, a mountain range awaits the visitor with various hiking trails along the cliffs. Due to its many natural bays and ports, Busan is an important traffic hub for international trade. Regular ferries crossings allow you even visit Japan and China. The KTX high-speed train takes less than three hours to reach the capital, Seoul, 409 kilometers away.

The region has a mild, temperate climate, temperatures in autumn are around 16 degrees.

The language of instruction is English and you can prove your language proficiency with the Language Certificate.

Bachelor’s students of English and American Studies, German Studies, History, Media and Communication Studies, and Philosophy are eligible to participate in the exchange program.

The application deadline is 15 October!

More information about the Pusan National University can be found here.

For the fall semester 19/20, the PNU also awards generous scholarships to Mannheim students. For more information, please contact us via international