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  • Module catalog

  • Examination regulations

    The examination regulations are the most important document regarding your program. They list your rights and obligations as a student and constitute the legal basis of your studies. Therefore, it is crucial that you have read them and refer to them in case of questions.

    Examination regulations

  • Program handbook

    Here, we have compiled many useful tips for you regarding your program: Which courses should I attend at the beginning of my studies? Is there an exemplary degree plan? How do lectures and seminars build on each other? Which courses are only offered on an annual basis? Who are my contact persons? 

  • Module catalog

    Here, you will find an exact description of the contents respecting each course of your program and the skills you will have acquired once you have completed the course. This information is important if you are going to take courses at another university (e.g. during a semester abroad) or have taken courses at another university in the past (preparatory studies) and are planning on having the ECTS credits already obtained recognized for your program of study. Please consider that there may be different versions of the module catalogs for each program of study depending on the start of the program (due to changes in the examination regulations).

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