State Examination Program in Teacher Education according to GymPO (in Phaseout)

Students of the state examination program in Teacher Education study two subjects plus Teaching Methodology and Education Sciences. The placement semester allows them to gain valuable insight into work as a teacher. As part of the teacher education reform in Baden-Württemberg in 2015, the program was replaced by the bachelor’s and master’s programs in Teacher Education. Students can still take the state examination until fall 2021 (students studying the subjects Music or Fine Arts until fall 2022).

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Teacher Education International

Studying abroad always helps you grow personally and professionally. And there is no better place to learn a foreign language than the country where the language is spoken. Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Preparatory Service

What are the next steps after graduation? After passing your first state examination, you can start right off into your preparatory service at a secondary or vocational school. 

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