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Bachelor's programs

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For Prospective Students

Why study a Bachelor of Arts program at the School of Humanities of the University of Mannheim? 

The examination regulations are the most important document regarding your program. They list your rights and obligations as a student and constitute the legal basis of your studies. Therefore, it is crucial that you have read them and refer to them in case of questions.

Examination regulations

Here, we have compiled many useful tips for you regarding your program: Which courses should I attend at the beginning of my studies? Is there an exemplary degree plan? How do lectures and seminars build on each other? Which courses are only offered on an annual basis? Who are my contact persons? 

  • Program handbook

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  • The program includes a mandatory internship of six weeks (full-time 35 hours/week or part time with a total of at least 210 hours). We recommend that you also complete a longer internship in a potential professional field during your studies - either in Germany or abroad. We are happy to help you find a suitable internship. 

    What do I have to keep in mind with regard to the bachelor's thesis and the oral examination at the end of my studies? How can I find an examiner and a topic? How does the registration process for the final examinations and the thesis work?

    Information on the final module

    Studying abroad always helps you grow personally and professionally. And there is no better place to learn a foreign language than the country where the language is spoken. Don’t miss this great opportunity! Ideally you should plan your semester abroad for the fifth semester; however, a stay abroad during the spring semester (fourth or sixth semester) is also possible. We will help you plan your stay abroad and will be happy to advise you - whether you plan a semester abroad or an internship abroad.

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    Teacher Education Programs

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    You would like to become a teacher?

    Then we have the right program for you!
    Read more about the teacher education programs offered at the University of Mannheim.

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    You would like to become a teacher for music or fine arts?

    Get information on our cooperative programs and the subjects taught at the University of Mannheim on our pages for prospective students. 

    The framework conditions for teacher education programs in Baden-Württemberg are regulated by the framework directive for teacher education programs (Rahmenvorgabenverordnung Lehramtsstudiengänge, RahmenVO-KM) of the Ministry of Education. 

    Is teaching the right profession for me? What is it like to stand in front of a class? What are the tasks of a teacher? During your first school placement you will explore these and other questions and get a first insight into the day to day working life of a teacher.
    For more information please visit the website of the Center for Teacher Education and Educational Innovation (ZLBI)

    For most subjects you have to prove language skills as a prerequisite for your studies. But don't worry: You can also acquire the necessary proofs of language proficiency during your studies. Our information sheet provides you with detailed information on the deadlines you have to observe and any other useful information about proofs of language proficiency.
    Information sheet on proofs of language proficiency​​​​​​​

    If you have to acquire the necessary language skills, proof of this is usually furnished by means of the language certificate issued by Studium Generale (please see the information sheet for further information). Please use the language certificate form below.
    Language certificate form

    Subjects (B.Ed.)

    By the end of the fifth semester, you need to earn research participation credit by taking part in ten hours of experiments. You will take part in studies and experiments conducted by the chairs for Education Sciences. For more information please refer to the website of the chairs for Education Sciences. There, you will also find information on how to find suitable studies and experiments. 

    Cooperative Programs

    Subjects (M.Ed.)

    Further subjects