LinguaPix is a database of picture naming norms developed as part of a crowdsourcing mega-study, which is financed by Fritz Thyssen Stiftung.


PI: Dr. Agnieszka Ewa Krautz

Student Research Assistants: Franziska Cavar, Annabel Mempel, Paula Schneider

Project Description

The crowdsourcing mega-study of the picture naming norms aim to address the shortcomings of available picture data sets used in psychological and linguistic research by creating a new open source database of normed colour images that researchers from around the world can rely upon in their investigations. In order to do this, we employed a new form of normative study, namely a crowdsourcing mega-study, whereby 1,600 colour photographs of items spanning across 43 semantic categories were named and rated by a group of German speakers (and are yet to be evaluated by a group of Dutch speakers). This was done to establish the following linguistic norms: speech onset times, name agreement, accuracy, familiarity, visual complexity, arousal, and emotionality. The resulting database will include not only photographs and linguistic norms but also audio files that will the largest available research tool of its kind.

Cooperation Partners

  • Dr. Emmanuel Keuleers, Assistant Professor at the Tilburg University, the Netherlands
  • Dr. Gabriella Rundblad, Reader in Applied Linguistics at King’s College, London, UK
  • Dr. Pierangela Diadori, Professor of Italian Linguistics at the Universit per Stranieri di Siena and Ms Mirella Pederzoli, a PhD student at the Universit per Stranieri di Siena, Italy
  • Dr. Susanna Yeung, Assistant Professor at the Education University of Hong Kong, China